MN Permit to Carry Class (virtually)

Next class is on Sunday 9/25 from noon – 4pm

Next class is on Sunday 10/9 from noon – 4pm

Next class is on Sunday 10/23 from noon – 4pm

Class takes place virtually online via: google meets. Live Fire qualification scheduled at the end of class for a later date and done in person.

We also do private classes for a groups, firearms safety classes, personal training at the range, and more!

    Email us for details:

In addition to security services we offer a wide range of classes. 

  • MN Permit to Carry Classes for residents and non-residents
  • Private training with firearms
  • De-escalation & Situational Awareness classes
  • We also do classes for your workplace: Situational Awareness, De-escalation, Law and Liability, Safety and Medical Plans, Code of Conduct and Sensitivity