Sequeerity permit to carry classes are well taught, thorough and comfortable. Shannon and Kimmy are excellent intructors who know the law, the safety issues and the firearms. They present the class in a way that makes it easy to learn all the things you need to know about being a safe, responsible gun owner and understand your rights and responsibilities. I also recommend taking the personal range training with Kimmy. She is patient, knowledgeable and pleasant to be around (and that’s really important when learning something new.)
-Lisa, Facebook review



I loved my experience in the Permit to Carry class! I feel much more comfortable handing firearms, and learned a lot from the class and in-person instruction. I really appreciated being in an environment that wasn’t so cis/straight/white/male focused, and would absolutely recommend their classes to anyone.
Thanks for everything, Kimmy and Shannon!

-Grant, Facebook review

What an incredible community resource we have in Sequeerity! Every local bar and event venue should be hiring this organization for security, or hiring them to provide guidance on community safety and diversity.
I was able to take their training and it was amazing— I learned so much and want to see more of this kind of work in our local event venues and bars.
-Liz, Facebook review-
Kimmy and Shannon are so knowledgeable! The information was presented in a way that was easily digestible and I felt highly encouraged to ask clarifying questions without judgment. They are passionate about self defense, particularly for marginalized communities. I appreciated the measures taken to make this class safer during COVID such as the bulk of it being online. I can’t recommend this class enough!  -Ramona, Facebook review
Both Kimmy and Shannon were very knowledgeable on firearm handling! Doing the class online made it easy to see them show and talk about different firearms and troubleshooting issues. I have taken this class in the past in a largely CIS atmosphere, Sequeerity used language and real life experiences for our specific community and it made for a comfortable difference. I feel both instructors are here to instruct and guide vs move through materials. I picked up some updated tips for my shooting that I’m already pleased with. Regardless if you decide to physically carry this is a good class to learn intro and understand firearms and if they are a good option for you personally. Besides they’re chill and funny! I shot my test with Kimmy and they’ve already suggested some new skills to work on at the range. 10/10 would recommend Thanks to you both!


I had gotten a little drunk and almost got into a fight. Sequeerity quickly intervened and handled the situation without making a scene. We ended making up at the end of the night. I’m so happy they were there, things would have ended differently. Hands down the best security business around.

-Peter, Facebook review

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